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10 Ways to Celebrate V-Day Remotely with Your Over-the-Road Trucker

Are you or your partner an OTR truck driver looking for ways to celebrate Valentine's Day while hundreds or even thousands of miles apart? Here are some ways you can express your love to one another, even if you're not going to physically be together...

1. Love letters / poems - write a letter or poem to your partner and hide it in the truck ahead of time and have them find it on Valentine's Day

2. Send texts or video notes to your partner throughout the day

3. Virtual date / video call (dinner, play games, talk about something you never talked about before, watch a movie together, look at old photos and r

4. Flower delivery or special package at home or work

5. Surprise visit

6. Schedule another day that works for both of you; maybe even plan a mini-vacation or weekend trip before or after

7. Special dinner & dessert delivery - If you're the one at home, find a truck stop for them to park at that has decent places to eat close by and buy them dinner. If you're the one driving, order dinner and have it delivered to the house, or even lunch to be delivered to their job

8. Buy them something they've wanted for a long time

9. Create a private Spotify playlist of songs you both like to listen to together, that hold meaning in your relationship and bring back good memories

10. Head out with your trucker and experience the road together for a weekend

Whatever you decide to do, do it together and always celebrate the love. You should be showing love and affection to your partner year-round, not just on Valentine's Day. Remember that love, respect, trust & communication are key to a long-lasting relationship!

Are you going to be OTR this Valentine's? What are you going to plan for your partner? We would love to get to know you and hear how you're managing your relationships while being apart for weeks or months at a time!



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